Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

The Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering program consists of the Engineering Core, the Mechanical Engineering Core, and one of three areas of specialization (options).

Bachelor of Industrial Engineering

The Bachelor of Industrial Engineering program consists of the Engineering Core, the Industrial Engineering Core, and a selection of elective courses to choose from.

Co-op and CIADI

Both undergraduate programs are available in the Co-op format, which alternates work and study terms. Students may also join CIADI (Concordia Institute of Aerospace Design and Innovation).

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Graduate Programs

PhD program

Our department offers a dynamic doctoral program which trains students in fundamentals and theory or in practical applications. If you are interested in our research, please see here.

Master's degrees

We also offer five Master's Degree programs: Master of Aerospace Engineering, Master of Industrial Engineering and Master of Mechanical Engineering (based on course work) and Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering and Master of Applied Science in Industrial Engineering (thesis based programs).

A Graduate Certificate in Mechanical Engineering is also available.

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Why Study at Concordia?

View of Montreal
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Concordia is a large, urban, English-language Institution located in Montreal, one of the oldest cities in North America and one of the world’s largest French-speaking cities.

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SGW Campus
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Our faculty members obtain over two million dollars in research grants each year. We also have over 500 graduate students, including about 100 PhD students, and several post-doctoral fellows and invited researchers.

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